Company history

Business-to-business consulting: advising other companies

for more than 30 years.

Partner Heinz Brinkmann began his career in 1983 with his own tax consultancy firm. During the firm’s early years, he worked together with his colleague Alfred van Empel in a shared office situated on Hoffmannallee in Kleve. His colleague’s firm and the firm of his predecessor, tax advisor and barrister at law E. Thissen, had held its main office in Kleve since the 1930s. Following the departure of his colleague van Empel, the two firms merged and a few months later a partnership between Heinz Brinkmann and Norbert Kulot (who left the firm in 2008) was set up.

Further partners joined the firm in the shape of Per-Olaf Ulrich (2003), Peter Hermanns (2007) and Markus Brinkmann (2016) and have contributed to the continuous growth and success, not to mention balanced age distribution, of the group it its current form.


For over 15 years, the firm’s central office has been located within a renovated building that used to serve as the district school of music and can be found at 2 Gocher Landstraße in Bedburg-Hau in Kleve.

In recent years, our duties and responsibilities have changed rapidly. In addition to the ‘traditional’ areas of consultancy, management consulting and auditing have grown to become a significant part of our business. This means that members of our profession are now expected to perform a more comprehensive and complex range of tasks. Furthermore, new technologies in the field are constantly changing our working environment. All of these new developments cannot be successfully managed without the support of a strong team.

We have always relished facing the constant changes that our profession entails and we are proactive in implementing the latest technical developments into our workflows so that we can offer our clients a high degree of efficiency and, with it, a beneficial cost structure. That is why we see intensive CPD and training of our partners and staff, as well as investment in state-of-the-art office equipment and IT systems, as an integral part of our business.

We have also altered our company structure to make sure we are ready for whatever the future holds. In 2007 we outsourced our auditing services to a separate auditing firm and in 2010 we used existing resources within our partnership to found our own tax consultancy. Lastly, we launched BHU Consulting GmbH to enable us to offer our clients high level consultancy across a range of areas all in one place.

The BHU Kleve Brinkmann Hermanns Ulrich Olfen PartG mbB Steuerberatungsgesellschaft was founded in 2021 and continues the tax office Walter Janssen including the entire team at Turmstrasse 36C in Kleve.