Inheritance planning

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We live our lives in hope of building up a certain amount of wealth. This wealth often consists of various asset classes that comprise different values and risks (e.g. corporate, property, savings and insurance claims).

Who will your assets be left to when you are no longer here? Passing on assets to your children before you die (gifting) and the transfer of assets following your death (inheritance) should be planned as early as possible and with expert assistance.


Inheritance and gifting: making sure your money ends up in the right hands

Inheritance planning is generally a very difficult and personal task. That is why each individual must always decide what is right for them. By choosing to plan your inheritance, you are making a responsible choice. Many put off having to deal with their own mortality for much longer than they should. Sadly, this can sometimes result in your wishes not being fulfilled.

We help you put together your inheritance plan in the strictest confidence. As part of this process, we sit with you and analyse your existing wealth before discussing the various options for you to bequeath your assets in accordance with your individual wishes.

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