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Generally speaking, the only person who knows their business’s investments inside and out is the owner, i.e. you. But when it comes to deciding whether to opt for any number of investment options, and when would be the right time to do so financially speaking, we can help you make the right choice.

There is always the possibility that an investment decision may not be made optimally. Besides the investment itself, this could concern the investment time horizon or the level of financing involved.

Various issues could arise, such as whether current property is being used correctly (is it rented or owned?) or whether it would make sense to use additional machinery/cars or hire more members of staff.

As part of their profitability analysis, clients of BHU Consulting GmbH can request to have their investment plans checked and thus make sure they are making the right investment decision.


Investing your money wisely

These profitability analyses are often requested by banks as part of their approval process for investment loans. Moreover, a ‘second opinion’ can also help you decide which investment options you should choose and which you should reject.

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