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Digitalization opens up various opportunities for your company to organize its operational processes more efficiently. This also includes financial and payroll accounting, as well as payment transactions. We are your experts in this area.

There is no one right way to do this. Rather, it is important that the implementation takes place in consultation with you. We select the areas that suit you from the various technical options and then implement the new process together with you.


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The system offers a very high standard of security. The access options for individual persons can also be adapted to individual needs. This means, for example, that preparatory activities can be carried out by your employees and the final check and approval can be carried out by you.

Due to a high number of digitized clients, we can advise you with a lot of experience in the implementation and optimization of your digitization processes.

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In addition to ongoing defense and structuring advice, we can prepare your:

We coordinate the following points (among others) with you for the digitization of the documents:

  • Selection of the scanner (if necessary),
  • Setting up the scanner,
  • Ordering and setting up the software,
  • Organization of the scanning process,
  • Training for the new process


  • Permanent access to all receipts
  • Digital document search with keywords, by time periods, document types, etc.
  • We do not need to pre-sort by date, business partner, etc.
  • Enables location-independent working
  • Paper exchange with the tax consultant is no longer necessary (commuting folders)
  • Automated support for the creation of transfers
  • Audit-proof and permanent storage of receipts
  • Cost-effective professional system from Datev (costs from EUR 9.00 per month)
  • We provide you with fully prepared transfers for your payroll accounting
  • Payments can be prepared with automated support from the scanned receipts
  • Liquidity control
  • Live overview of your open incoming and outgoing invoices with due date lists
  • Account turnover control
  • Secure payment transactions (much more secure than online banking via the browser)
  • Cost-saving (no additional payment software required)
  • Location-independent access
  • We provide you with your individual wage evaluations for retrieval directly after payroll accounting
  • Your individual financial evaluations are available to you immediately after posting
  • Permanent access to current and historical wage and financial evaluations
  • Proper digital invoicing (and digital dispatch if desired)
  • Central customer master data
  • Efficient creation of: Quotations, delivery bills, invoice corrections and reminders
  • Enables proper digital cash management with digital receipt images if required

We will be happy to assist you with the implementation of your financial and payroll accounting processes without obligation.


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