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An impartial third party to assist you in conflict resolution

Business relationships and inheritance matters can sometimes lead to disputes between parties with different interests or opinions.


If there is a high risk of escalation, or if the situation has already escalated, we can mediate between the various parties as an objective mediator without any vested interests.

From experience, we know that an impartial third party is often able to reach out-of-court agreements that require significantly less time and money compared with in-court battles, and also entail a lot less stress.

We are present during negotiations and mediate between the conflict parties with the aim of finding a constructive solution that is supported by both sides and takes their various needs and interests into consideration.

This is also an effective approach when it comes to decisions where no conflict has (yet) occurred but the upcoming decision has the potential to unleash a conflict situation. So, if you are trying to choose someone to succeed you at your company, to resolve differences between partners or shareholders, between colleagues or amongst your named heirs, please get in touch with us and we’ll see how we can help.

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