Doctors, dentists and other healthcare professions

Business-to-business consulting: advising other companies

for more than 30 years.

As a doctor, nothing is more important to you than providing care to your patients. However, business acumen is becoming increasingly relevant to how a doctor approaches his/her profession. This is because the fiscal and business environments that impact you as a healthcare professional are growing more and more complicated. We are here to help you along the way, offering you independent and expert advice.


BHU Consulting offers support to doctors, dentists, pharmacists, staff doctors, medical care units as well as other clients from the medical profession. Tax and business management advice forms a specialist branch of our services.

Our professional experience covers all relevant tax and business issues, e.g. commercial risks through appointment of doctors or product sales, evaluation of practices and guidance during the purchase/sale process, support during bank negotiations, Profit Center accounting, liquidity planning, payroll tax optimisation through non-cash benefits as well as mediation during disputes between group practices.

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