Payroll accounting

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Payroll accounting has become a complex specialist field that is constantly evolving and changing. Here it is not only essential to have a sound understanding of tax law, it is also necessary to take a range of social security legislation into account and then transform all this knowledge into an efficient IT process. That is why some of our staff members are specially trained in payroll accounting.

Furthermore, we are always on hand to assist you in the integration of wage data into your cost and performance accounting system, should the need arise.


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Our services in the field of payroll accounting mainly focus on:

compiling payroll account data (e.g. gross salary, benefits in kind such as use of a car, payroll tax classifications, social security classifications, other deductions)

preparing ongoing payslips

settling construction pay

calculating ongoing tax and social security charges

advising how best to structure wage/salary payments

preparing all notifications for social security institutions ((de)registration, immediate registration, etc.)

checking travel cost calculations

offering support during the carrying out of payroll tax and social security checks

providing guidance if you have queries concerning tax or social security legislation

assisting you in dealing with procedures to establish social security status (initiated by the relevant institution)

ascertaining eligible maternity pay supplements

completing registration for disability contributions

completing annual remuneration statements for the employers’ liability insurance association

preparing transaction, salary type, cost centre and cost object lists

completing wage continuation applications to health insurers (in accordance with the Expenditure Compensation Act)

processing all forms requested by various authorities.


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