Restructuring consultation

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for more than 30 years.

BHU Consulting provides you with all the support you require during every single stage of your business. This also includes helping you find appropriate solutions when faced with financial or structural challenges – a service we provide as part of our restructuring consultation.

This consultation primarily aims to provide the quickest possible substantial assistance to you and your company in difficult situations with a range of individual consultation services. We actively help indebted or insolvent companies overcome the extraordinary circumstances they find themselves in and develop individual solutions.


Here too BHU Consulting GmbH works together with its tax consultancy partner firm so that a range of interdisciplinary skills (i.e. incorporating both structural and fiscal considerations) can be used with the aim of quickly bringing about positive change for the client. During this process, BHU can provide assistance with financial queries through direct contact with relevant banks (e.g. if refinancing is required) or by offering temporary support to you as executive director.

Particularly when a potential crisis is looming, it is crucial to strike a balance between immediate measures to secure liquidity and improve results and long-term measures to help reposition the company.

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BHU Consulting GmbH offers a restructuring service package that includes:

conducting an analysis of a company’s current status and strategic evaluation with regard to its potential and need for restructuring

developing a rapid and effective ‘rescue plan’

raising capital/finding investors

investigating and optimising the cost structure and exploring the possibility of a strategic reorientation

setting up an emergency programme to achieve revenue stabilisation/increase

carrying out risk management/ongoing checks to establish whether measures have been effective.

Even in cases where the continued existence of the company is no longer an option, BHU Consulting can assist with consultancy services or in finding prospective buyers for parts of the company (if this step is requested and/or possible). If necessary, we can set up restructuring or insolvency plans so that a debtor firm is adequately prepared for the subsequent insolvency process.


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