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Whether you’re launching, running or terminating a business activity, there are always new queries and issues that will arise: what is the right legal structure considering my current circumstances? How can I finance my business? How can I organise my company’s expansion? Who should I approach if I wish to purchase property? What is the process involved? What is the best way to plan co-operations, acquisitions or sell-offs? When and how should you begin succession planning? What happens to your business in the event of your death?


Good tax advice is advice that is designed to suit you.

Individual tax laws are becoming increasingly complex and the number of interdependencies between the regulations is constantly growing. For this reason, there are often several different ways to achieve the results you want for your business, but as each decision entails different implications regarding tax, it’s important to make an informed choice. Personal relationships and goals, as well as expectations with regard to upcoming changes to tax legislation, also need to always be considered as part of optimisation processes of this nature.

The initial aim of our consultants is to analyse and discuss with you precisely what is it that you want for your business. We will then consider options for how to best structure your tax plan to make these aims achievable.

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