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We have been supporting organisations in the non-profit sector, particularly non-commercial businesses as well as business development agencies, for a number of years. The significance of non-profit businesses has increased considerably in recent years, but unfortunately so too has the density of legislation that applies to these entities. ‘Non-profit’ therefore by no means implies that no commercial set-up is required: quite the opposite.

Non-profit companies have grown to become an integral part of our society. They assume responsibility and help bring stability to our communities. When it comes to tax law, non-profits are affected by numerous special rules regarding the various tax domains that apply to these types of business. In particular, misuse of funds and, as a result, harmful tax practices, can lead to sanctions, such as recovery of back taxes, which could threaten the organisation’s very existence. However, there are also areas outside of tax law, such as the legal structure of non-profit business or human resources, which are always relevant to the running of the organisation.


Business development agencies can also lose their statutory tax exemption status if they deviate from their legally prescribed scope of activity.

Our aim is to work together with you to develop sustainable solutions that will lead to the optimal structuring of your non-profit entity and avoid the risk of your organisation falling into one of the many pitfalls (particularly concerning taxes), thus allowing you to fully concentrate on fulfilling your valuable mission.

Our auditing team are also equipped to provide assessments and checks for not-for-profit companies.

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