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A company valuation can be required in a number of different scenarios. Generally speaking, a valuation need arises when a business’s ownership structure changes. This can be the case if the business is sold (and may be requested by both the buyer and the seller) or as part of a succession arrangement or a change of partners.

Here it is not just the company’s current financial situation that is taken into account, but various individual aspects, such as strategic corporate planning, future earnings prospects and risk evaluations. All these factors are then used to calculate a single monetary value.


Valuation always plays a crucial role, even as part of a succession arrangement, as many current business owners in the current market environment have yet to name a successor or have no younger successor that they can single out. In such cases, BHU Consulting takes a company’s valuation as a basis and works together with the business owner to, for example, find a potential buyer.

A company valuation can, however, also be a wise move as part of an analysis of the company’s assets and the subsequent asset planning so that you can go ahead and plan your retirement and recognise any necessary actions in good time.

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