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As executor to an estate, we make sure that your last will and testament is carried out in strict accordance with your wishes and with your full consent, acting as ‘custodians’ in the event of your death.

If you want to know that your estate is in safe hands and wish to take all the necessary steps before your death to ensure your estate is passed on without any complications, you can (alongside named heirs) specify an executor in your will.


Disputes over inheritance are sadly quite common – even in otherwise happy families – and can lead to major conflicts. That is why it makes sense to outline your inheritance wishes as clearly as possible with the help of a professional. We execute your last will and testament according to your requests and administer, sell or share your assets as stipulated by you. As an independent third party who is only obligated to carry out your wishes, we have no ties to any other party involved in your estate, allowing us to mediate between them and make sure your will is executed professionally.

If you wish to find out more, we would be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your situation and possible courses of action.

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