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Hardly any other field of law is as multifaceted and complicated, not to mention opaque, as corporate tax law with all its various acts and their associated tax policies, implementing regulations, decrees and court rulings. And practically every year the government announces new tax breaks which rather than simplifying matters, often make them more complex.

If you want to ensure a good overall understanding of the law and find the best possible tax solution for your business, expert knowledge is essential. Our team has years of experience and staff continuously undergo intensive training to make sure their skills are up to date. This allows us to examine any issues which may be of interest to you and your company and formulate a recommended course of action which we would then present for your approval. We then guide you every step of the way during the implementation process.

Our support covers a range of areas, including yield taxes, payroll tax and sales tax. We complete ongoing tax declarations, check the relevant tax assessments, lodge an appeal on your behalf and, if required, assert your rights by taking legal action.

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Tax consultant Kleve

  • Expertise in complex corporate tax law.
  • Mastering the variety of laws, tax directives and implementing regulations.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of ever-increasing court rulings and tax relief.
  • Navigating through the legal jungle: finding the optimal tax path for your company.
  • Many years of experience of our tax consultants and auditors in corporate law.
  • Continuous training through workshops and continuing education.
  • Individual counseling on issues related to corporate law.
  • Joint development of recommendations for your company.
  • Comprehensive support in the implementation of your tax measures.
  • Expertise in income tax, payroll tax, sales tax, inheritance tax and gift tax.
  • Preparation of your current tax returns.
  • Review of tax assessments and filing of appeals.
  • Enforcement of your rights by means of legal action, if necessary.

In addition to ongoing tax structuring and defence services, we are also able to provide the following:

Administrative accounting

Payroll accounting

Provisional VAT returns

Annual financial statements / surplus revenue calculation

Company audits are being carried out with increasing frequency and financial administration is (slowly but surely) switching to digital. This means that the financial authorities have even more opportunities to check companies’ accounts with greater scrutiny, e.g. via the electronic audit reports that businesses now have to submit. With preventative planning, we can help reduce avoidable checks.

An audit can sometimes unleash a wave of panic and stress in a company as staff have to produce a multitude of seamlessly documented digital files, as well as answer questions from auditors. And the (sometimes contentious) discussions with the financial authorities can often lead to some nasty surprises. We’re on hand to offer you comprehensive support during your company’s audit: we are there to protect your interests and your rights, and to provide expert advice throughout the auditing process.

In addition to tax advice, we are also available to answer any questions you may have concerning your business’s operation (consulting) and we would be happy to offer you guidance on structuring your business as well as help you spot potential risks.


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