Annual financial statements and group audits

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for more than 30 years.

Annual financial statements BHU GmbH Auditing Services is responsible for carrying out checks of annual financial statements and group financial statements, together with all projects that need to be signed off by an auditor.

Our colleague Per-Olaf Ulrich (auditor, tax advisor) is the main member of staff responsible for carrying out audit checks. Mr Ulrich has many years’ experience at one of the world’s largest audit firms (part of the Big Four) and has audited companies of varying size operating across a range of different sectors both in Germany and abroad. Our services also include the auditing of non-profit organisations.

In addition to the auditing of annual financial statements, we also possess the necessary knowledge to carry out legally required group audits for larger groups of companies.


In order to maintain a consistently high audit quality, we have set ourselves strict quality standards that are in line with those imposed by the four largest auditing firms in Germany. We also carry out regular quality assurance checks to ensure that these high standards are effective and that our staff are adhering to them.

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