Administrative accounting

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A well-managed accounting system is the foundation of any organisation’s success.

An accurate bookkeeping process tailored to meet the company’s needs provides business owners with all the information required to answer questions that are relevant not only to their company but which might also interest banks or other financial investors, thus allowing simple accounting digits to be transformed into key performance figures that can be compared with the relevant benchmarks in the sector. These KPIs can be used as a possible basis to establish new internal improvement targets for your company. Your accounts can also help ascertain your business’s standing compared to competitors.

In addition, with the help of your business’s accounts, you’ll be able to paint a much more accurate picture of where your business will be in five years’ time. The resulting figures can be incorporated into your business planning and/or forecasting.


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Our services in the area of administrative accounting are based on the GoBD (guidelines on the correct keeping and retention of accounts, records and documentation in electronic form as well as on data access) and specifically include:

allocation of ongoing business transactions and digital record keeping

ongoing reconciliation of accounts

administration of outstanding receivables and payables

acquisition of data for (or complete handling of) dunning processes

preparation of short-term profit and loss accounts

preparation of provisional VAT returns

preparation of international VAT reimbursement applications

preparation of budget planning documents

preparation of trial balances

preparation and analysis of target-actual comparisons

setting up and keeping of fixed asset accounting

preparation of business analyses.

Modern and efficient.

A fundamental issue is the acquisition of capital and with it the ultimate question: is it worthwhile investing in this company? A well compiled corporate plan can be one of the most crucial factors when it comes to negotiating with investors. Nowadays, banks demand to see not just all of a company’s financial statements; in almost all cases, they also ask to see detailed and comprehensive information about a company’s future development plans. With an individual accounting system tailored to suit the company’s needs, this information can be made accessible almost every single day.

Effective bookkeeping requires more than just the entering and recording of invoices and receipts. Whatever form it takes, administrative accounting provides up-to-date centrally stored information about the company’s status regarding assets, earnings and finances. When supplemented with comprehensive debtor and creditor reports, a dunning process can be initiated, which can help avoid unnecessary delays in payments from customers and even payment losses. Such a step is crucial to ensure reliable liquidity planning for any company.

Only business owners who are able to gauge their company’s weaknesses with the help of an effective accountancy system are capable of taking measures in good time that will specifically counter any negative developments. This is a requirement to convince creditors that an investment in the company is a wise move and for additional capital to be provided to enable further expansion.

We would also be happy to facilitate the exchange of digital invoices/receipts and data with our offices. You would provide us with digital copies of receipts so that you can always keep the originals safe on your premises. In addition, the relevant documentation, e.g. for subsequent company audits, is automatically archived digitally. A further advantage is that this means you always have digital access to your accounts and can view their status at any time.


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