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Target-actual comparisons involve comparing the original business plan with actual developments. Should actual developments show a significantly negative deviation from planned financial projections, it is definitely time for the business to take immediate action.

Lender banks need to know whether current lines of credit are being adhered to. In any case, significantly negative ‘downward’ deviations need to be explained and communicated as soon as possible. Otherwise the result could be a downgrading of a company’s bank rating with undesirable consequences for the business’s refinancing costs. In the worst case scenario, the lending bank may even choose to withhold funds.


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Here clients of BHU Consulting GmbH can benefit from the range of services offered by our group partnership. BHU uses certain software products which allow current business data to be transferred directly from accounts and into an ongoing liquidity plan, effectively creating live updates.

This ensures that target-actual comparisons are always kept up to date and can be used to aid you in your management decisions. It also means deviations are recognised ahead of time, which allows us, in our role as consultants, to work with you to identify appropriate countermeasures and, if you require, to assist you in putting these steps into action.

As a client of BHU, a business owner can also emphasise to his/her bank that, with the help of BHU’s services, the company in question is being managed effectively and that they have ongoing professional support. This will have a positive effect on the rating given by the bank and, in turn, on financing costs.

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