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An increasing number of companies are taking the opportunity to allow individuals who are not integrated into the normal working processes – and who effectively have an impartial overall view – to monitor the business’s critical and key areas. This independent assessment, carried out by someone who is not involved in the company’s operations, is called an internal audit.

These types of audits are often carried out by third-party companies if, for example, there are no appropriately trained members of staff or if the cost of setting up an internal audit and employing the necessary staff would be too high.


We can provide you with a target-based internal audit that is tailor-made for your company. This process involves sitting down with you and discussing the unique characteristics of your organisation before drawing up an individual audit plan that is tailor-made for your company. This audit plan is then used as a starting point to carry out an internal audit whereby we keep you informed in writing about the activities we carry out and the subsequent results.

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