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The survival of your company is dependent upon the preservation of your liquidity and financial standing. Unwanted liquidity constraints that cannot be resolved can often spell the end for a business.

But before things even reach that stage, issues such as uncontrolled overdrafts can inevitably lead to a considerable downgrading in the rating given by financial institutions, which may result in unnecessarily high interest charges for your company.

For these reasons, it is advisable to plan and purposefully manage your financial and liquidity requirements so that you can ensure your credit limits always remain sufficient, stopping payment difficulties before they even arise. In addition to the exclusion of resulting risks, including those that may threaten the existence of your business, you can also generate significant cost-saving effects, such as improved interest terms as a result of an improved rating, as well as a discount deduction available at any time.


We offer you an effective financial and liquidity management plan that has been designed specifically to suit your company’s needs. Based on your individual requirements, we draw up comprehensible, target-based management measures that can be integrated into your company’s daily workflows.

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